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Q&A - How would you value a compensation claim for an RTA injury?

Q.  When I was driving a couple of weeks ago I was hit from behind by another car. My injuries are not that severe, but I have been suffering some back and neck pain and a friend says I could get compensation. How would you value my claim?

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Q&A - Is it possible to prove road accident injury caused my chronic pain?

Q: Last year I was injured in a road traffic collision. I sustained injuries to my back and neck, and although I was not said to have broken anything, I am still struggling with the pain. My GP suspects that I am suffering from chronic pain, but says this is difficult to prove. What can I do?

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Q&A - Can I get a court injunction to stop my ex coming near me?

Q: I was in a long term abusive relationship that I managed to end last year. Recently my ex has started appearing near my home, at places I frequent in town and even my place of work. I have panic attacks about him approaching me every time I see him. Friends say I should consider obtaining an injunction to prevent him contacting me. Could I do this?

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Q&A - Am I legally entitled to keep the ring if I have broken off my engagement?

Q: My boyfriend proposed to me when we were on holiday in January and I accepted. After we got home I left my job 120 miles away to move in with him, but within a few weeks I realised I had made a terrible mistake as he became controlling and jealous. His behaviour got worse and worse until my life became unbearable. I literally had to plan my escape and in May I moved out and have been staying with a friend ever since. I have no job and no money and now he is demanding that I return my engagement ring. My friend says I should keep it as it was a gift and then I can sell it and use the money to get back on my feet. Am I entitled to do this?

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Q&A - Will I have to pay an immigration skills charge if I take on overseas trainees?

Q: I am a vet in an expanding practice and am considering taking on a trainee vet from overseas through a volunteer work experience programme. I have heard that the government has now introduced an immigration skills charge for employers. Does this apply to all skilled workers from overseas and under what terms?

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