During these uncertain times we will do everything we can to ensure that we continue to offer our high levels of service to our clients. However we have decided to close all offices to clients and we will now be operating with a skeleton staff. We would prefer email communication but we will have a message taking service. Our staff will be able to call you back or email as appropriate. If you have a new enquiry please use the ‘Contact us’ form on the website or call 01978 291456 .

Work will be prioritised by urgency and need but we will endeavour to deal with all matters as quickly as we can.

The safety of our staff and our clients is paramount to us at this difficult time but we will continue working on your behalf whilst adhering to the latest Government advice by minimising contacts.

All documents being delivered to our offices must now be posted through the letterbox rather than handed in. All meetings are now by way of telephone and not face to face for the foreseeable future. Please bear with us and stay safe. 

Further Information on the Coronavirus can be found here.

Who gets the kids now the schools are closed? 

As we are advised to practice social distancing, and following the schools closing, whilst the kids may be excited by the prospect of a break from school, it can be a nightmare for parents, who may need to juggle working from home with caring for their children. 

The situation is even more complicated if you are a separated parent, sharing child arrangements with your former partner. In light of social distancing, and potential self-isolation if you or a member of your household start showing symptoms, how do you decide where your child should stay? Can the other parent still see them, or do you need to adjust your arrangements? 

If there is an Order in place either parent would need a good reason to breach the order and ideally would need to apply to the Court to vary the order rather than just simply breach it. Of course, communication is key, but if you are unable to effectively communicate with your former partner and can’t reach agreement the only real option you have is to apply to the court for a child arrangements order. The law has not changed and the welfare of the child is of paramount importance. 

Whilst we as a firm have a policy in place to protect clients and staff from Covid-19 we are very much open for business and telephone appointments can be made with our family law team to discuss your options and to get things moving forward. Please call to make an appointment for a free initial consultation on 01978 291456 (Wrexham) or 01691 659194 (Oswestry).

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