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GHP Legal – The aim of creating Covid-19 Legal Advice Hub

At GHP Legal, we understand that the past few months have been exceptionally complicated for many.  Covid-19 has brought about a time of uncertainty for all, and with that uncertainty many unforeseen situations.

In such times it is vital that you have the right guidance and support to help you navigate what many are deeming the ‘new normal’, particularly when it comes to a legal standpoint.  At GHP Legal our team of expert solicitors are well educated around each and every situation that the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted.  If you’re looking for the very best legal knowledge and support through a confusing or difficult time then look no further than GHP Legal.

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Coronavirus & Accident and Injury

Coronavirus and Employment (Furlough)

Family, Divorce and Covid-19

Coronavirus & Landlords & Tenants

Coronavirus & Mental Health

Coronavirus and Property

Covid-19 and Wills, Probate and Inheritance

Other Updates


Coronavirus & Accident and Injury

During a pandemic there is a wealth of information circulating about what one should and should not do when it comes to accident and injury claims.  At GHP Legal we can’t stress enough the importance of speaking with a legal professional to receive direct advice and guidance on how to proceed with your claim during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It may feel like you're getting contradicting advice, which can be extremely overwhelming.  We know that this is the last thing you need when you’ve suffered an accident or injury, and so our team of solicitors are here to provide you with the facts, and the best way to proceed.  Click here to find out more.  

Leading local injury lawyer warns COVID cash-strapped claimants should not settle without medical assessments

Q&A - Should I settle injury claim without medical assessment that due to COVID is currently not possible?

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, solicitor warns of potential road accidents.

Q&A - Would claiming compensation from the NHS for clinical negligence seem insensitive during the COVID pandemic?

Q&A - Can I claim for delayed whiplash if insurers have already settled vehicle damage?

Q&A - Can I claim compensation for COVID restricted appointment resulting in misdiagnosis?

Q&A - Can Mum claim against the council after tripping on a broken paving slab?

Q&A - I was knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver. How can I get compensation?

Q&A - Can we make a public school personal injury claim for son‘s 2019 rugby accident?

Q&A - Do I have to use the solicitor my insurance company appoints to handle my injury claim?

Q&A - Should my partner accept a Part 36 Offer for injury compensation?

Q&A - Assaulted and injured by a customer! Can my son sue his employer?

Q&A - Life-changing injuries from a fall at work means I am getting into serious debt. What should I do?

Q&A - Was hospital negligent in failing to recognize sepsis symptoms that resulted in leg amputation?

Q&A - Does compensation for injury affect eligibility for state benefits?

Q&A - Can I claim compensation for PTSD after seeing best friend killed by a lorry?

Q&A - Hospital blunder left me unable to give birth. Can I claim compensation to pay foreign surrogacy costs?


Coronavirus and Employment (Furlough)

When the government furlough scheme was introduced earlier this year in reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, it brought much needed relief to many who were concerned about their job security.  With that being said, it also brought with it lots of questions, many of which some people may not know where to seek answers for.

Luckily at GHP Legal we’ve answered all of your most pressing questions around COVID-19, employment and furlough.  Click here to find out more information, or contact our friendly team of experts to speak to someone.

Acas - Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for employers and employees

Q&A - Is my employer using COVID-19 as an excuse to get rid of me?

Lawyer reports cases of employers already looking to use COVID-19 as excuse to ‘let workers go’!

If job goes post COVID, will redundancy and notice pay be on full salary or 80% furlough pay?

Q&A - I am due to return to work following COVID-19 furlough can I refuse if I feel unsafe?

Coronavirus Act 2020

Q&A - Can boss refuse to pay me during COVID quarantine if overseas travel was family emergency?

Q&A - I got COVID-19 after return to workplace with no safety systems. Can I sue?

Q&A - Furlough pay is not enough to keep up maintenance payments what happens if I just pay less?

Q&A - Is boss discriminating against me in demanding post COVID furlough work return?

Q&A - Could setting up Employee Ownership of my company be a way into post-COVID retirement?

Q&A - Job offered after online interview during COVID lockdown has been retracted. Is this legal?

Q&A - If an employee contracts COVID-19 at work can they sue the business?

Q&A - Can I carry annual leave over if I did not take it due to COVID-19?

Q&A - How does sexual harassment in the workplace get dealt with when the workplace is home?!

Q&A - What are the pitfalls of buying a business during the COVID pandemic?

Q&A - Boss threatened me with sack if I tried to claim for accident at work injuries

Q&A - Manager allowed client to verbally abuse me. What can I do?

Q&A - Coming out of COVID lockdown will require bosses to review existing policies and develop new ones warns lawyer.

Q&A - What is the best way to deal with business debts built up during the COVID pandemic?

Q&A - Can my employer change my contract to suit himself?

Q&A - Is it discrimination if I was turned down for a job because of my sex?

Q&A - Constructive Dismissal or Unfair Dismissal? What is the difference?

Q&A - Can a worker be sacked for refusing to wear a mask during the Covid crisis?

Q&A - Can I make an equal pay claim against employer if male colleague earns more?


Useful Health and Wellbeing information

Self-isolation and treating coronavirus symptoms

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 infection

Guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus and isolation: supporting yourself and your colleagues

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Tips on coping with redundancy

Tips for furloughed workers


Family, Divorce and Covid-19

One of the most shocking statistics that we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic is the stark increase in domestic abuse enquiries to various charities and organisations.  No man, woman or child should have their safety compromised while in their own home, but the added difficulty of being in isolation or lockdown makes this all the more terrifying.

At GHP Legal we’re ready to answer all of your questions about domestic abuse, family law and divorce and how Coronavirus has affected each area.  If you’re concerned about your safety, or that of someone known to you, then we can help answer your questions and get you the help and support you need.  Find more information, and how to act immediately, here

Q&A - Is it still possible to get a divorce during COVID-19 lockdown?

Q&A - Can anything be done about my abusive partner during COVID lockdown?

Q&A - Q&A - What help is available for victims of domestic abuse during COVID19 lockdown?

Balancing legal requirements with protection during COVID lockdown is key for child safety, says local lawyer

Oswestry child law specialists predict spike in care proceedings enquiries as COVID-19 lockdown eases for schools.

Q&A - Coronavirus is playing havoc with my divorce plans should I put everything on hold?

Q&A - Are the Local Authority using COVID-19 as an excuse to keep my son in care?

Q&A - COVID-19 lockdown together has ended our relationship am I entitled to more than half the house?

Domestic abuse reforms never more necessary than now during COVID-19 lockdown says family lawyer!

Q&A - If social services apply for a care order for my grandchildren can I apply for them to live with me?

Q&A - My ex claims he cannot return our daughter due to COVID-19 contact. What can I do?

Q&A - My husband may be disposing of assets to reduce divorce settlement liability what can I do?

Q&A - Furlough pay is not enough to keep up maintenance payments what happens if I just pay less?

Q&A - Will I have home rights if I move into boyfriend’s house to avoid further COVID separation

Q&A - What is the best way to divorce during COVID financial crisis?

Q&A - How much should I get if my ex-partner buys me out of the house?

Q&A - My husband is having a same sex affair can I divorce him for adultery?

Q&A - How can an ex-wife make a financial claim on her former spouse after getting a Decree Absolute?

Divorce solicitor warns couples: Get the right papers from the Court or risk paying your ex from beyond the grave.

Q&A - Can ex-wife apply to the Court for more money even though we are divorced?

Q&A - If we co-habit to beat COVID-19 lockdown solitude can I protect my assets?

Q&A - COVID home working and schooling is making my partner abusive. Please help me.

Q&A - Must house sale profits be split 50/50 if I paid the mortgage after my ex left?

Q&A - Will registering a Notice of home rights protect my financial interests?

Q&A - My sister is mentally ill due to COVID – can I get help to look after her kids while she recovers?

Q&A - Is there a way out of my controlling marriage?

Q&A - My ex keeps threatening that he will not return our children to my care.

Q&A - If I apply for a Contact Order will my children get their wish to come and stay?

Q&A - My husband is violent would I qualify for legal aid to get protection?

Q&A - Can my ex move her partner into the marital home without my permission?

Q&A - Would husband’s lockdown gambling debts be considered in a divorce settlement?

Q&A - Should I apply for an Attachment of Earnings Order for owed maintenance?

Q&A - Clean break or maintenance – which is the best option if I divorce?


Coronavirus & Landlords & Tenants

One of the first pieces of legislation to be passed as part of the action around COVID-19 was around protecting tenants who may be struggling to stay on top of their rent due to the pandemic. There’s no doubt that during the last few months we have seen financial strain increase for many, but thankfully there is protection in place to ensure that you cannot be evicted from your property without reasonable cause.

If you believe your landlord is acting outside of the legislation outlined in The Coronavirus Act 2020, then GHP Legal are here to help. Remember, the law is very much on your side, so don’t hesitate to speak to our team of experts today.

Coronavirus Act 2020 and tenancies lawyer reassures struggling self employed tenants the law is on your side

Q&A - Section notices served pre COVID-19 have expired can I now evict the tenants?

Q&A - Can I be evicted if I cannot pay my rent due to Coronavirus forcing my business to close?

BBC News - Coronavirus: Ban on landlords evicting renters extended

Q&A - How can we be liable for rent arrears and damage incurred after our son left student house?

Q&A - Commercial tenant disappeared during COVID lockdown and has not paid rent since. Can I use CRAR to get the bailiffs in?

Q&A - How can we be liable for council tax on a property that we were not legally entitled to enter?

Q&A - Can landlord force me out if she sells? Or could new owner put up my rent?


Coronavirus & Mental Health

Perhaps one of the most significant impacts that the Coronavirus pandemic has had, is that on our mental health.  Quarantine, self-isolation and lockdown have all meant that some individuals have had to spend an infinite time alone, or have not had access to the routine and facilities that usually contribute to combating mental health issues.  In some more serious cases, COVID-19 may have meant that a person does not have access to the right kind of person to speak or act on their behalf due to their mental health struggles.

With this in mind it’s extremely important that we provide the very best advice and guidance around what the law says about mental health during the pandemic, and what an individual’s rights are.  If you’re worried about yourself or another individual, then get in touch with GHP Legal today.

Do not let COVID-19 isolation rules deter from challenging local authority decisions about the care of your loved ones warns Mental Health lawyer

Lawyer warns even more support is needed for region’s mental health sufferers in isolation

Families urged to seek legal advice and challenge local authorities if they think loved ones in care need a different environment during the pandemic

Q&A - How can I get my vulnerable son home to live with me during the COVID crisis?

Local Authorities and Care Homes must ensure vulnerable residents are not forgotten about during COVID-19 pandemic.

Other useful Health and Wellbeing information

One of region’s top mental health lawyers says clearer guidance is needed on carrying out safe face-to-face patient assessments.#

Britney Spears’ mental capacity documentary highlights safety net of the British court system, says local lawyer

Q&A - Elderly friend is locked in at nursing home because of a DoLS. What is this?

Wrexham Solicitor echoes Care Inspectorate Wales concerns about potential shortage of community carers

Q&A - Can mum be forced to live in a care home?


Coronavirus and Property

The Coronavirus: COVID-19 had a significant impact not only on the residential property market but also on commercial properties and tenants.  During this pandemic, it is vital to access high-quality legal advice in order to make an informed decision.  Our experienced property solicitors will provide objective, legal advice so that you can be informed and make the right decision regarding commercial, residential properties and on agricultural maters.  If the topic you are looking for is not below or if you could not find the answer to your question, please get in touch with us and our team will do their best to assist you further.

COVID lockdown easing brings surprise surge in work for Wrexham property lawyers

Q&A - Are forestry sales still buoyant in light of the COVID crisis?

Property lawyer working both sides of the border calls for equality of COVID-19 property tax cuts in England and Wales

Q&A - Network Rail's Japanese Knotweed is depriving me of taking COVID stamp duty holiday advantage

Q&A - If I sign a 5-year lease for my new business venture, can I get out of it?

Q&A - Can I retain a financial interest in land I am selling in case it is ever developed?

New Solicitor appointed to busy Oswestry Property team


Covid-19 and Wills, Probate and Inheritance

A pandemic can often mean that many people feel the need to address every scenario in their life, and therefore we have seen a surge in enquiries around Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Both can feel like daunting tasks, even at the best of times, and so it’s vital that you’re dealing with a legal firm who not only provide the best advice, but do so in a warm and friendly manner that puts you at ease and takes your wishes into account.  At GHP Legal we pride ourselves on our knowledge and service, so you’ll feel rest assured that everything has been handled appropriately and professionally.

Speak to our team about Wills, Probate and Inheritance today.

Pandemic causes surge in requests for Wills and LPAs

Solicitor warns ‘homemade’ Wills with ‘car bonnet signings’ could be invalid!

NHS and Key Worker Discount off Wills and Powers of Attorney for NHS and Key Workers throughout June 2020

Q&A - Is it still possible for me to make a Will during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Q&A - We thought Powers of Attorney were for the elderly now with COVID we are not so sure!?

Invalid wills are resulting in more cases of intestacy warns top law firm

Q&A - In view of COVID-19 should I appoint an additional executor to administer my Will?

Q&A - COVID-19 has made me think about Powers of Attorney

Q&A - Single mum of two died without leaving a Will. How do we sort out her estate?

Q&A - Do I need a legal document for someone else to deal with my affairs?

Q&A - Should I update my Will even if my circumstances have not changed?

Q&A - Will my home have to be sold to pay the fees if I have to go into a care home?

Q&A - How does a Living Will differ from a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Q&A - How can I get power of attorney to handle affairs of father in COVID struck hospital?

Q&A - Are civil partners automatically entitled to inherit from each other?

Q&A - What is a Grant of Probate and how do I obtain one?

Q&A - How does an Attorney take over someones affairs if they have an EPA?

Q&A - How can my Will be witnessed if I am shielding due to COVID-19 restrictions?

Q&A - Do I need an LPA as well as the EPA I set up previously?

Q&A - Why is a Grant of Probate required if everything is left to a spouse?

Q&A - My Attorney has died of Coronavirus. Will I have to make a new LPA?

Q&A - I believe my cousin financially abused our aunt who died during the COVID pandemic what can I do?

Q&A - My husband died of COVID and my son wants me to sign my home over to him

Q&A - What is the best way for my blind neighbour to update her Will?

Q&A - Death from COVID came before divorce was finalised. Will his estate pay?

Q&A - Can deceased’s property be put on the market prior to probate being granted?

Q&A - Historic debts can have serious consequences when someone dies so it is worth seeking legal advice, both before taking such a loan and before settling an estate.

Q&A - My sister is joint attorney with me for our mother but refuses to agree to live-in care. What can I do?

Q&A - How do I record that I do not want treatment if my quality of life is gone?

Q&A - Can a copy Will be used for probate if the original Will has been lost?

Q&A - My dad has long COVID, can I take his place as Trustee of a Will Trust?

Q&A - If we remarry, do we need to update our Wills leaving everything to our respective children?

Q&A - How do I appoint someone to legally care for my child if I die?

Q&A - What would happen to our estates if my husband and I died together without a Will?

Q&A - Long covid means dad needs to go into care. Can I sell his house for him?

Q&A - Can the council take someone’s home to pay for care fees?

Q&A - Selling our home and mum’s, to buy one house. How best to do it?

Q&A - What to do when beneficiary threatens claim against executor for misappropriation of funds

Q&A - Who can deal with estate if sole executor and beneficiary dies?

Q&A - How do we apply for Probate if there is no Will?

Q&A - Can I stop my gambler son from squandering his inheritance when I die?


Other Updates

For the latest, and most accurate, advice around Coronavirus we recommend visiting a certified authority or the government website.

The guidelines and latest information around the pandemic is ever changing and seems to progress on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t be cause for concern.  If anything you read or hear in the news raises a legal worry for you or someone that you know, then don’t hesitate to reach out to GHP Legal.  We’re here to answer all of your questions and provide you with the best legal knowledge, whatever the situation.

GOV UK Coronavirus Website

NHS UK Website - Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus

World Health Organization

BBC News Coronavirus: WHO advises to wear masks in public areas

Q&A - Our wedding has been cancelled but the venue say we should still pay!

Q&A - Venue cancelled our wedding twice due to COVID restrictions but will not refund us!

Q&A - As if COVID is not bad enough a new construction site is upsetting my livestock can I claim compensation?

Q&A - Can client cancel home extension to move and get COVID stamp duty relief and just not pay me?

Q&A - What happens if I cannot fulfil contracts due to COVID-19 restrictions?

Q&A - Is it legal to install CCTV to address COVID induced crime in our street?

Q&A - Landlord is demanding £250 towards a new boiler. What should I do?

Q&A - Can I cancel pitch and get deposit back if trade show is postponed indefinitely?

Q&A - How can I keep legal costs down?

Q&A - Surveyor we engaged failed to pick up defects on house we purchased. What should we do?

Q&A - Builder has disappeared taking our £40,000 and leaving us with a building site

Q&A - Should I pay for a bad decorating job, or can I withhold payment?

Q&A - Could we have a legal document drawn up for a private loan to our daughter?

Q&A - Neighbour entered without permission, causing damage to our land. What can we do?

Q&A - Dog barks all day now neighbour has returned to work. What can we do?

Q&A - Can you claim compensation from a vet?

Q&A - Can I claim against developer for nuisance and devaluing my property?

Q&A - How do I stop ex-husband doing me out of a fair share of the business sale?