Q&A - What costs can I claim for injury caused by defective Council footpath?

Q. I recently fractured my wrist when I tripped over a raised edge on a footpath outside my house. I had already notified the council about this hazard about a month prior to my accident, but they did nothing about it until after I had reported the accident to them.

As a result of my injury I have had to cancel my skiing holiday which was already paid for and I have also had to pay for 6 sessions of physiotherapy as I would have had to wait too long to get it on the NHS. Can I claim compensation from the Council for the money I lost on the holiday, and for the treatment costs?

A.   As part of a claim for personal injuries you would be able to make a claim for all financial losses that you have incurred as a result of the Council's negligence and/or breach of legislation. This would be in addition to seeking compensation for the injury itself.  It would therefore be possible to seek to recover the cost of your holiday and also your physiotherapy treatment from the Council in your personal injury claim.

In the first instance you would need to prove your case against the Council.  The fact that you reported the defective footpath to the Council prior to your accident (and it was not repaired) is a good step in establishing liability against the Council for your accident. You should now contact a solicitor that specialises in personal injury claims in order that your potential claim can be fully assessed and steps can be taken to begin your claim as soon as possible.