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Q&A - Can son-in-law get my charge removed from property I lent my daughter money to buy?

Q: Five years ago I lent my daughter a large sum of money to buy a property, on the understanding that she would pay me back when the property was done up and sold at a profit. Because of the recession, however, she couldn't sell the property to repay me, so last year she provided a mortgage on it in the interim to secure my loan by way of a charge. Now my daughter's husband has filed for divorce and his solicitors have applied to the Court to have my charge removed. Can they do this?

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Q&A - My ex is being difficult about letting me see my son. What can I do?

Q:  I am struggling to reach an agreement with my ex-wife about seeing my son.  I am in receipt of income support and wondered what my options would be?

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Q&A - Can husband's company's assets form part of financial considerations in divorce?

Q: I have recently commenced divorce proceedings against my husband of 25 years. My husband owns a company of which he is in sole control. The company has substantial assets. Can the company's assets be taken into consideration in our financial settlement?

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Q&A - My employer had gone into administration. What are my rights?

Q. My employer has just gone into administration and I am concerned about my job. Can you tell me what my rights are in this situation?

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Q&A - Can I claim damages for industrial deafness?

Q: I recently had a hearing test and was diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). I was made redundant four years ago after working for 30 years as a press operator, but have since discovered my old press shop has now been made an ear protection zone. Can I still make a claim?

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Q&A - What will new legislation regarding No-Win No-Fee claims mean for victims?

Q: I have heard that the rules for claiming compensation are changing and that people will get less compensation for a personal injury. I have read so many different things about it, but am still unclear. Can you explain exactly what it means?

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