Local Solicitor praises BBC Drama for sensitive portrayal of disabled care problems

A local Court of Protection Solicitor has praised the BBC Drama programme “Care”, which recently aired on BBC1.

The programme highlighted the problems faced by two daughters trying to deal with having to care for their mother, a stroke victim left with physical and severe mental health difficulties. 

Shane Maddocks, a solicitor with GHP Legal, which has one of the largest mental health teams in North Wales and Shropshire, said:  “As a specialist lawyer who frequently works on cases within the Court of Protection that concern elderly people suffering from dementia or other mental health issues, I found the programme extremely moving. The BBC should be praised for the sensitive way in which they highlighted the difficulties that families face when their loved ones succumb to these horrible mental illnesses, whether it is dementia or lasting damage caused by a stroke.

“Also highlighted in the programme was just how much financial strain the NHS and Local Authorities are under at the moment, and how funding disputes can make things so difficult for all involved. This is something I see again and again in cases that I work on. Fortunately the Court of Protection is there, when needed, to make sure that these people’s rights are upheld.”

“Whilst the majority of us will be out celebrating and enjoying the festive period at this time of the year, we need to remember that many people are struggling to care for their elderly relatives as well as trying to live their own lives. And let’s not forget the health professionals in this sector who work so hard, particularly at this time of year.”

Article 14/12/2018