Q&A - COVID home working and schooling is making my partner abusive. Please help me.

Q:    My partner has worked from home since last year because of coronavirus. As I am having to home-school our three young children it is really stressful because my partner is on the phone a lot and expects me to keep the children quiet. He flies off the handle and takes everything out on me. I try not to antagonise him, but I am becoming terrified of what he might do to me when the children have gone to bed. He is verbally abusive, tells me I am stupid and useless, and on a couple of occasions he has hit me. I don’t know what to do as we need his income and a roof over our heads, and he isn’t likely to leave. Can you advise me please?

A:    Your safety and that of your children is of paramount importance, and it seems unlikely that the situation you are in is going to resolve itself without intervention. If your partner is violent you should call the police immediately. Once you are in a safe situation decide what you want for the long term and then seek legal advice.

A Family Law solicitor can help you take action to keep your partner away from you and prevent further abuse. And remember, abuse comes in many different forms which can be emotional as well as physical. If you need protection be assured that it can be put in place urgently and, if necessary, without your partner knowing. You will also need help to protect your rights to, or in, the family home, depending on whether you decide to stay or to leave. Your partner may still have rights to see his children, whatever happens, in which case your solicitor will be able to advise in relation to that issue as well.

Article 01/02/2021

This question has been answered by Deon Hayward, a Family & Matrimony Solicitor with GHP Legal.  

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