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A Minister for suicide prevention is not enough to address growing mental health problems in this country, says leading mental health lawyer

A Wrexham lawyer claims the Government needs to do a great deal more than just appoint a minister for suicide prevention and provide funding for extra support teams, as was announced yesterday.

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Law firms join forces to expand legal services

An acquisition this October will bring together two long established law firms covering a multi-county client base.

GHP Legal, a Top Tier Legal 500 firm and one of the largest private practices serving Oswestry, Shropshire and North and Mid Wales, has acquired the Oswestry practice of Milton Francis & Hughes.

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Busy Wrexham Law firm appoints new private client solicitor

The busy private client team at one of the region’s top law firms has welcomed the appointment of a new solicitor to help cope with its ever increasing workload.

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Q&A - If I’m ever in a permanent vegetative state I want to be left to die. How can I make this known?

Q: When the new ruling came in last month about relatives being able to decide whether food and drink should be withdrawn to allow someone in a permanent vegetative state to just die, it got me worried. Would I be brave enough to make such a decision on my parents’ behalf without always wondering whether it was what they would have wanted? Clearly it isn’t something they could put in their Will because their wishes wouldn’t be known until after they’d died. So how could make their wishes clear whilst they are fit and healthy?

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Legal 500 firm appoints new Solicitor to Wrexham commercial and civil team

Wrexham based law firm GHP Legal has appointed a new solicitor to its head office commercial and civil litigation team.

GHP Legal, which ranks in The Legal 500 list of top UK law firms and, with around 100 employees, is one of the largest independent law firms in the region, appointed Rachel Lillie at the end of July 2018.

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Oswestry Show 2018 Competition Answers

How did you do? Oswestry Show 2018 Competition Answers.

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Archaic divorce laws cause conflict between amicably separating couples says local lawyer

A partner with one of the region’s largest family law teams has joined the rapidly growing band of lawyers calling for the government to introduce no-fault divorce.

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Living Wills could ease doubts about Supreme Court ruling on easier withdrawal of treatment for permanently vegetative patients

A Wrexham solicitor has spoken out in support of this week’s controversial Supreme Court ruling that will see an end to legal permission having to be sought to withdraw treatment from patients who are in a permanent vegetative state.

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Farming is not just a job, it is a way of life

Despite clothing, food and wood-burner stands drawing in equally as many families and day trippers as farmers to county agricultural shows these days, the trade tents where lawyers, accountants and agronomists are on hand to offer advice are still as busy as ever.

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Never mind the lack of gassy beer on tap substitute gases in the welding industry could be killing you!!

A Wrexham solicitor has warned that the substitution of other gases currently being used in welding processes due to a shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2) could have a lethal effect on the health of those working in the welding industry.

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