Personal Law Services

Public Authority Law Solicitors

All of us come into contact with different public authorities at various stages in our lives. Sadly, sometimes, things go wrong.  Whether you or a relative have been deprived of your liberty by a Public Authority or if you have suffered an injury or other loss due to a breach of a duty of care, a member of our department should be able to help.
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Residential Property Conveyancing Solicitors

GHP Legal offers expert guidance when dealing with residential property. This is a stressful time and our aim is to complete the transaction clearly and helpfully, keeping you informed at all times. Not all transactions run smoothly but we have dealt with so many properties over the years that there is nothing that will come as a surprise to our experienced team.

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Spinal Injury Solicitors

Spinal injuries can be severe and life altering. They can also lead to secondary medical problems such as respiratory, urinary, and skin infections. At GHP Legal we understand your needs as a spinal injuries victim and our immediate goal is to ensure that those needs, both present and future, are handled quickly and appropriately to help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

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