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Mediation helps separating couples to work things out together in respect of how to end their relationship and resolve issues surrounding children or finances. Following the introduction of new legislation, cases cannot be heard in Court unless the couple have been assessed as to the suitability of Mediation. Our Family Mediators are qualified to carry out such assessments.

Contrary to what some people believe, Mediation is not a form of relationship counselling, nor is it intended to help couples to get back together. Mediation is voluntary and both you and your former partner must agree to enter into Mediation. During Mediation a trained, impartial mediator will help you and your former partner to talk through the issues relating to money, children and any other consequences of your separation that you need to resolve, taking into account what is best for both you and your children. The number of mediation sessions you need will depend on the requirements of both you and your former partner and the complexity of the case.

Most people going through Mediation also each use a lawyer to take advice during the process and to make sure that their agreements are fair and legally binding. Mediation can be a highly cost-effective solution and it can also reduce levels of hostility and acrimony and help to reach a fair solution tailored to specific circumstances.

Whilst Family Mediators cannot give individual advice to either one of the couple they can provide general information on the law and the factors the Court would adopt to reach a solution. Agreements are reached through Mediation and a Memorandum of Understanding is drafted by the Mediator. The Memorandum of Understanding proposals are then drawn up into Binding Agreements/Consent Orders, as appropriate, by one of your Solicitors. If agreement cannot be reached, then the parties can consider other options such as making an application to the Court.

GHP Legal has trained Family Mediators who can help you resolve issues surrounding children or finances. We also provide mediation services for extended family members who may for example wish to resolve issues with children. Listening carefully to both parties, our aim will be to reach a sensible, bespoke agreement that will please everyone.

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Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright


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Andrea Sorrell

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Andrea Sorrell is a Family Mediator.