Privacy Policy


Please read the terms of this policy carefully before using the site.

Who We are

GHP Legal is a medium sized solicitors firm offering a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses.  As part of our business, we collect and manage client, employee and other personal data.  In doing so, the Firm must observe current data protection legislation and the Firm is committed to protecting clients’ and non-clients’ privacy and rights and this Privacy policy describes how we collect, manage, process, store and share information about you as a result of you visiting this site.

This policy aims to inform you how we collect and process personal data through your use of the website.


GHP Legal is the controller and responsible for your personal data.  We have appointed a Data Protection Manager (DPM), Robert D Williams, who is responsible for overseeing questions in relation to this Policy.  If you have any comments or queries regarding our use of your data, please contact our Data Protection Manager at:

GHP Legal


Post:  26-30 Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, LL11 1BU 

It is important that any personal data held by GHP Legal is accurate and up to date.  Please inform us if your personal data changes during the time the Firm is acting on your behalf.

In general terms, we collect information about you so that we can:

  • Administer our relationship with you, provide services and respond to enquiries
  • Process applications for employment
  • Deliver requested information to you about our services
  • Ensure the billing of any procured services and obtain payment
  • Process and respond to any complaints
  • Enable us to meet our legal and other regulatory obligations imposed on us
  • Audit usage of our website 

The information that we need for these purposes is known as your “personal data”.  This includes your name, home address, email address, telephone and other contact numbers and financial information.  We collect this in a number of different ways, possibly online, over the telephone or in correspondence. 

Please be advised that when you visit this website, cookies will be used to collect information about you such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address which connects your computer or mobile device to the Internet, and information about your visit such as the pages you have viewed or searched for etc.  We do this so that we can measure our website’s performance and make improvements in the future.  For further information on how we use cookies see our Cookie Policy.

How will we use this information?

Examples are given in the table below.  Please note that this table also explains: 

  • The legal basis for processing your data, linked to each processing purpose; and
  • In what circumstances your data will be shared with a third party organisation. 

Purpose for

processing  data

Legal basis for

processing data

Third party organisations with whom data is shared

To administer our relationship with you, provide services and respond to enquiries

To meet the requirements of a contract


To ensure the billing of any procured services by you and obtain payment

To meet the requirements of a contract

Government VAT and tax inspectors, external auditors, internal auditors

To process and respond to complaints

To meet a legal obligation


To monitor and record information relating to the use of our services, to include our website

To meet a legitimate interest in order to improve the services and experience and website for individuals

Web service providers and cookie providers







Your Rights

Under the terms of data protection legislation, you have the following rights as a result of using this website:

Right to be Informed

This privacy notice, together with our Cookies Policy, fulfils our obligation to tell you about the ways in which we use your information as a result of you using this website.

Right to Access 

You have the right to ask us for a copy of any personal data that we hold about you.  This is known as a Subject Access Request.  Except in exceptional circumstances (which we would discuss and agree with you in advance) you can obtain this information at no cost.  We will send you a copy of the information within 30 days of your request.

To make Subject Access Request, please write to the Data Protection Manager.

Right to Rectification

If any of the information that we hold about you is inaccurate, you can either: 

  • Contact us on 01978 291456
  • Contact our Data Protection Manager at

Right to  erasure

From 25 May 2018, you can ask that we erase all personal information that we hold about you.  Where appropriate that we comply, your request will be fully actioned within 30 days.  For further information, please contact our Data Protection Manager. 

Right to restrict processing 

If you wish us to restrict the use of your data because: 

  • You think it is inaccurate but this will take time to validate
  • You believe our data processing is unlawful but you do not want your data erased
  • You want us to retain your data in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim, or
  • You wish to object to the processing of your data, but we have yet to determine whether this is appropriate

please contact our Data Protection Manager. 

Right to Data Portability 

If you would like to move, copy or transfer the electronic personal data that we hold about you to another Firm or business, please contact our Data Protection Manager. 

Is the processing of information likely to cause individuals to object or complain? 

GHP Legal is not aware of any justifiable reasons that would constitute a legitimate reason for objecting or complaining about the way we process or control information. 

Right to Object

You have the right to object to: 

  • The continued use of your data for any purpose listed above for which consent is identified as the lawful basis for processing
  • The continued use of your data for any purpose listed above for which the lawful basis of processing is that it has been deemed legitimate. 

How long will we retain information for?

GHP Legal will typically retain information for a period of seven years.  This is due to regulatory reasons and to ensure our business records are adequate to maintain the requisite levels of insurance to protect our clients and non-clients.

Data Privacy and Security

At GHP Legal, we maintain a comprehensive data management procedure, which includes processes for ensuring that data protection is a key consideration of all new and existing IT systems that hold personal data.  Where any concerns, risks or issues are identified, we conduct relevant impact assessments in order to determine any actions that are necessary to ensure optimum privacy.

We also maintain an active information security procedure which seeks to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of all physical and information assets.  Specifically, this helps us to: 

  • Protect against potential breaches of confidentiality;
  • Ensure all IT facilities are protected against damage, loss or misuse;
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the requirements of information security, and the responsibility of our colleagues to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information that they process; and
  • Ensure the optimum security of this website. 


Questions and comments regarding this Privacy Notice should be sent to our Data Protection Manager at

Alternatively, you can write to him at GHP Legal, 26-30 Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, LL11 1BU.

You can also contact our Data Protection Manager if you have any concerns or complaints about the ways in which your personal data has been used or processed as a result of you using this website. 

Alternatively, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office who may be contacted at Wycliffe, House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF or