Answers to our Quizzes at Oswestry Show.

Answers for the Farm Trivia Quiz

1. What was the first bird domesticated by man? C) Goose
2. What is the longest recorded flight of a Chicken? B) 13 Seconds
3. How many eggs does an average chicken lay in 1 year? B) 227
4. A donkey will sink in quicksand, but a mule won’t? A) True
5. Roughly how big is the national sheep flock? B) 30 Million
6. A plot of Oilseed rape the size of a football pitch could supply enough bio-diesel to run a family car for ? A) 1 Year
7. An Average sheep fleece weighs? B) 3Kg
8. How many individual grains are in 1 tonne of wheat? C) 20,000,000

Answers for Name the Breed Quiz

1. Plymouth Rock...
2. Rhode island Red
3. Leghorn
4. Seabright
5. Silkie
6. Orpington
7. White scots Dumpy
8. Lincolnshire Buff