Q&A How can I provide ID if I have no Passport or Driving Licence?

Q:      I have some questions about a request I received in a Client Care Letter to provide ID. Firstly, I have been asked to provide photographic identification, but as I have never owned a passport and I only have the old-style paper driving licence, what am I supposed to do? Secondly, I have provided ID previously which I know is still on file, so I don’t understand why the original ID is no longer acceptable? I now live nearly a hundred miles away, so presenting anything in person to prove who I am is difficult.

A:       When photographic identification is required, it needs to be provided with something that shows your signature. This is why a passport or driving licence are ideal. However, it is possible to accept a bus pass as photographic identification, along with a copy of the back and front of a bank card which will confirm your signature. Alternatively, there is a form called an ID1 which your solicitor can complete as a certificate of identity. To accompany the ID1 you will need to provide two types of proof of residency, together with a passport sized photograph such as you can obtain in a shopping centre booth.

In respect of your ID having been previously provided and retained on file, this could still be acceptable provided you are still living at the same address. However, as you have indicated that you have moved home since providing ID, you would need to provide an up-to-date proof of residency that is no more than three months old. This could be a bank statement or utilities bill. If you are unable to take this in person to the office requesting it, a local firm of solicitors would be able to take certified copies for you that you can then send on.

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