Q&A What is the difference between mediation, arbitration and litigation to solve a dispute?

Q:      I have a dispute with a builder and have been advised not to go to Court but use Alternative Dispute Resolution, which I understand is mediation or arbitration. The compensation I am seeking is considerable as the builder has refused to put matters right - in fact I wouldn’t trust him to do so anyway, and I will have to pay someone else to finish the job. Can you explain the difference between litigation and ADR and the advantages of not taking my case to Court?

A:       Litigation is where a case goes to Court and a legally binding outcome is decided by a Judge. Arbitration and Mediation are both forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) whereby an attempt is made to resolve an issue without the need to go to Court.

In the case of Arbitration, an independent arbitrator is appointed by the parties to make a legally binding decision.

Mediation is where an independent mediator works with both parties to negotiate a settlement, which can become legally binding if an Agreement is drawn up and both parties sign it.

There are many distinct advantages of using ADR rather than going to Court. Firstly, it is cheaper than a trial and you do not run the risk of running up costs that a Judge may not award you. Secondly, with the Courts still battling a huge backlog from the chaos caused by the pandemic, ADR is quicker. In addition, it provides greater flexibility throughout the process, you will have more privacy than going into a public courtroom, you can choose the mediator or arbitrator rather than relying on a Judge who has not been selected to preside, and there is likely to be far less friction and therefore less stress.

You should make an appointment with a solicitor who can go through all the options with you and recommend the best route after considering the details of your case.

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Sarah Talbot

Sarah Talbot

Senior Solicitor

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