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Q&A How long to change a Child Arrangement Order for Christmas?

We have a Child Arrangement Order stating our daughter should spend Christmas Day with my ex-wife one year, and with me the next, and spend Boxing Day with the other parent. However, this year I would like to take her skiing, which would mean her spending the whole Christmas period with me, and me taking her out of the country. My ex-wife is currently refusing to allow it and my daughter is utterly distraught, so I think I need to apply to the Court for a variation. How long will it take?

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Q&A Could I have a say if Mum challenges the DOL that is keeping her in a care home?

My Mother is a resident in a Care Home in my local area. It has been concluded that she lacks capacity to make her own decisions about her care needs and where she should live, because she has dementia. She is on something called a DOL. For the past three months she has been adamant that she wants to move back to her bungalow, because this is where she lived with my father before he passed away. I keep telling her that she’s in the best place for her, but she’s not listening to me and keeps asking to move back. What can I do?


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Q&A Dad is no longer able to care properly for Mum – what should I do?

I live near my parents and visit them regularly. My mother was diagnosed with Dementia some time ago and now has quite substantial care needs. Until recently these needs have been met by my father. However, things have now started to deteriorate, and I believe it is because my father has developed mental health needs of his own. I am getting very worried that Mum is no longer receiving the support that she needs. I know she would prefer to stay in her own home with my father and therefore I don’t believe she would agree to going into a care home. Can you advise the best way to resolve this situation?

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Q&A Is permission from a child’s mother needed for father to take them abroad?

Q:      My boyfriend and I want to take his 10-year-old son skiing with us at Christmas, but his ex is being difficult about it as she says it isn’t in the ‘terms of the arrangements’ that he spends more than one day with his father at Christmas. Obviously, we need to get the holiday booked. Will my boyfriend have to apply to the Court for permission to take his son out of the country and extend his stay with him?

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