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Q&A - Five essential steps to making a successful accident injury claim

Q: I work in a factory and I have been complaining to my boss that one of the machines has been leaking fluid onto the factory floor. Nothing has been done to repair it. At work this morning, I walked past the machine and slipped over in the fluid. When I fell I hurt my back and my left wrist. I am considering making a claim for compensation. I have never made a claim before so what should I be doing now?.

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Q&A - Can council be sued for bike crash caused by pothole? And should riders have insurance?

Q: Some mates and I set up a cycling club last year. On a group ride a few weeks ago one of two chaps riding downhill side by side hit a pothole. He came off his bike and crashed into the other chap who also came off. Oncoming traffic meant the two riders behind were unable to avoid the chaos and they also came off. Bikes were damaged, one guy had a dislocated shoulder and another chap suffered concussion. So I have two questions. Firstly, can the council be sued for the pothole? Secondly, should we, as riders, have insurance in case someone sued us for causing an accident?

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Oswestry Solicitor recognised for services by Law Society announces retirement

A Consultant Solicitor with leading Oswestry law firm, GHP Legal, who received a letter of recognition from the Law Society in July for his services to the profession and the public, has announced he will retire at the end of September.

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Q&A - Solicitor failed to put redundancy settlement advice in writing. What can I do?

Q: My job ended due to a disputed redundancy a few months ago and I received a settlement payment after signing a Settlement Agreement.  The trouble is that it was all done a bit of a rush and I don’t really understand what the Settlement Agreement said.  Apart from anything else, this is causing me a problem because I do need to know where I can and cannot work in the future.  I signed the Agreement off with a solicitor at the time, but I can’t remember what they told me about it and they didn’t ever send me anything about it in writing. What can I do?

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Q&A - My girlfriend’s mother left her nothing when she died. Can she contest the Will?

Q: My girlfriend’s mother cut her off after we got together because she said I wasn’t good enough for her. Her mom said if she left me she would put her back in her Will but my girlfriend said I was more important than money. Now my girlfriend’s mom has died and it seems so unfair that everything has been left to charity when my girlfriend, who was an only child, did nothing wrong except fall in love with me.

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Q&A - Will Courts grant access to my daughter if I am not on her birth certificate?

Q.  My ex-partner is mother to our daughter but she won’t let me see her. Can I still apply to the Court to see my daughter even though I am not on her birth certificate?
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