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Q&A - GP prescribed drugs that caused violent reaction. What can we do?

Q: My student son was prescribed some tablets which I picked up from the Chemist for him. The Pharmacist commented at the time that my son was a little on the young side for that particular treatment. The next day, when he started taking the treatment, my son suffered a very frightening oculogyric crisis which involved him being hospitalised and undergoing two treatments of medication to try and stop the reaction to the drugs. Is there any come-back on the GP? What can I do about this?

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Q&A - DNA shows I am not the childrens father but I brought them up so surely I have a right to see them?

Q.  I have raised my partner’s two children as my own for the past ten years. Even though DNA results show that biologically they are not mine, the children have known no other father and they believed I was their father. Now their mother has left me and she is denying me any contact with the children. I am absolutely devastated as they were my life. Is there anything I can do?

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Q&A - Cancer pills given too soon may have caused adverse reaction. What can we do?

Q: My partner was undergoing treatment for cancer and we thought everything seemed to be progressing very well. He had gone through all the various stages of treatment, which concluded with chemotherapy.

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Q&A - My grandfather was knocked down and injured by shop's sliding door. Can he make a claim?

Q: My Grandfather, who is eighty-three years old, was out shopping when he was hit by a sliding door as he was entering a shop, causing him to fall and break his arm. Whilst he may not be as fast a walker as he used to be, we cannot understand why the door didn’t have some kind of sensor which recognised the fact that he had not completed entry into the shop. How can this sort of thing happen and would it be possible for him to make a claim?

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Q&A - My wife upset one of the staff so much she walked out. Can she sue?

Q: I run a café restaurant with my business partner.  We have worked together in the business for twelve years and have built up a good, regular clientele and an excellent reputation. Now my wife has taken to coming in and “helping out” on odd days. She doesn’t have a clue about managing the staff but she makes it very clear to them that because she is a director of the business she is ‘in charge’ when my partner and I are busy in the kitchen. Last week she crept up behind one of our established young waitresses and shouted in her ear, accusing her of looking at her ‘funny’.  The waitress was very upset and left.  Can I be sued and what can I do?

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GHP Legal Oswestry Show - Winner of the name the breed of sheep

Mandy Towers (Left), from our GHP Legal Llangollen office presenting a hamper to Jayne Martin (Right) Winner of our Oswestry Show Quiz - Name the breed of sheep.

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