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Q&A Housing disrepair damaged my health and belongings, can I sue my landlord?

 I rent from a private landlord I’ve never met. I pay my monthly rent on time by standing order and I text him if I have a problem. For four years the roof has leaked, causing mould and fungus that has damaged my health and ruined clothes and household items..... Can I sue him?

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GHP Legal commended for raising £1.1 million to help secure charities’ futures

At a time when charities have all been struggling to raise funds, an Oswestry law firm has been commended for raising over £1.1 million of future income for charity through legacy fundraising.

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Q&A How can we replace an executor of a will who has dementia?

My father was diagnosed with dementia four years ago and his general health is rapidly declining. Now my mum, who is the sole executor of my dad’s Will, has been diagnosed with the same awful disease. As Mum is no longer capable of making rational decisions, what will happen about his Will when my father dies?

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Q&A Former boss made negative comments about my mental health in a job reference. Is this discrimination?

 I am bipolar. I was made redundant in 2021 as the firm where I was an IT project manager suffered during the pandemic. I had a good rapport with my former employer, so was shocked to discover privately from his PA that he had given negative comments about my mental health in a reference requested by the firm I was recently interviewed by.

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Q&A Can boss get rid of me because I have Long COVID?

I contracted COVID-19 in the summer of 2020. I was in hospital for several weeks and was left with various health problems, some intermittent. Eventually I was diagnosed with Long COVID. Some days I can barely get out of bed with fatigue, other times it manifests itself in other ways.

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Q&A Should we leave our daughter her disabled brother’s inheritance to look after?

Our disabled son lives in assisted care...... His sister is devoted to him, so we could leave his share of their inheritance in her care, and she would ensure he did not squander it or was taken advantage of. Could something be written into our Wills to this effect?

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