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Q&A - We believe our mentally disabled son is being deprived of his liberty. What can we do?

Q: Our adult son has learning difficulties. At eighteen he moved into supported living accommodation where he seemed happy, but earlier this year the authorities moved him, saying he needed to be in a more secure environment. He is not happy and we believe his freedom is being unnecessarily restricted but we don't know what to do.

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Q&A - Could ex later claim against my assets if divorce settlement was made out of court?

Q: My wife and I divorced three years ago after a long marriage because we both realised our feelings had changed and there was no point carrying on. As everything was agreed we did not instruct solicitors; we just paid the court fee and did everything else ourselves and then went our separate ways. I now live with a new partner and we intend to buy a property together. As we didn't deal with finances when we got divorced, can my ex wife claim against my assets?

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Q&A - Can I get compensation for fall on slippery decking?

Q: A few weeks ago I went to a local pub, entering across a decked area which was wet and extremely slippery following heavy rain. As I stepped onto the decking I slipped and heard a bone crack in my leg. My husband took me to hospital where they confirmed a break and put my leg in plaster. As I deliver parcels for a living I cannot currently work. Can I claim compensation from the pub owners? 

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Q&A - Do I need special T&Cs to sell handmade goods through online shop?

Q: I have a bicycle repair and hire business in a tourist area which I set up two years ago after being made redundant. It has gone really well and I am now thinking of branching out into building tailor-made bikes. Due to the specialist nature of this I feel I would benefit from having a website that could promote the business far and wide. However, as I will be using photographs that won't necessarily represent the tailor made products that people will be buying, I am wondering whether I should include any special terms and conditions of sale on my website?

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Q&A - Can father claim compensation for damage caused by using vibrating tools?

Q: My father has been a road construction worker most of his working life, often operating drills for hours on end without a break. In recent years he has complained of pins and needles and stiffness in his fingers and hands. The problem has got steadily worse and now he's trying to fathom out if he can afford to retire early. He says it's just old age wear and tear, but I think it has something to do with the machinery he uses and that he might have a case for an industrial injury claim. Could this be the case?

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