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Q&A - My wife left me for another man. Can she force me to sell farm to pay her out?

Q:  I have been married for more than twenty years. At Christmas my wife admitted she had been having an affair for several years. She said she had stayed with me for the sake of our two children aged ten and fourteen. We had a blazing row and she left. Now she wants a divorce. My worry is that we own a farm and that is my livelihood. Will she be entitled to part of it if we divorce? Will I have to sell up?

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Q&A - No-one wants to take responsibility for leaking roof on my new conservatory

Q: I had a conservatory built last September. Following the heavy rain after Christmas, the roof leaked. I rang the company who supplied and built the conservatory and they sent someone out. I was told the leak was due to a faulty component and they would contact the manufacturer. Two weeks later the manufacturer came around and told me the fault was with the builder who supplied and fitted it. No-one wants to take responsibility, what can I do?

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Q&A - How can Alzheimer sufferer's affairs be managed without Power of Attorney?

Q:  My friend's father has been suffering for Alzheimer's for some time. She has been looking after him but can no longer cope and is looking for a suitable care home for him. The problem is that despite me and others telling her she should get Power of Attorney whilst he was still able to agree to it, she didn't. Now she doesn't know what to do for the best. What can you advise?

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