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Q&A - What is the best way to wind up my company?

Q:  My limited company may no longer be viable, but as my cousin made a loan to the company I don't want to wind it up unless I have to. What is the best way forward, and the cheapest way to wind up the company if it becomes necessary?

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Q&A - My brother may be mishandling our mother's affairs, what can I do?

Q.  I am concerned about my elderly mother. Although she is housebound she still has all of her mental faculties. My brother lives with her in the family home but recently my mother has told me that a couple of years ago my brother arranged for a Solicitor to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney Property and Affairs (LPA) which appointed my brother as her sole Attorney. My mother has absolutely no idea what is happening to her money and she is worried sick as there are red letters coming through the door every day. Clearly I need to do something about the situation but I am loath to confront my brother without knowing any concrete facts. Please can you advise what I should do?  

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