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Q&A - What can I do about personal trainer who ripped me off and left?

Q: As a key member of a gym I was approached by one of the resident personal trainers about booking some sessions. I booked and paid for five sessions but before I could have the first session the trainer left the gym. He has not refunded me any money and refuses to do so. I think he now works out of a different gym. What can I do?

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Q&A - Can you email a prisoner?

Q: It is taking several days for my letters to get to my daughter in prison. I am dealing with her affairs in her absence and as it is taking so long for my correspondence to reach her, she is worrying that there may be something important she needs to know in the meantime. I am wondering therefore whether it is possible to email a prisoner?

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Q&A - What does a solicitor do to get Probate?

Q: My sister asked me and our brother to be executors of her Will after her husband died. She now has terminal cancer and we are keen when the time comes to preserve as much of her estate as possible for her children, who are the beneficiaries. We are therefore wondering what exactly a solicitor does to get Probate and if there is even any need to use a solicitor?

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Q&A - Should I change name on my house deeds now that I am married?

Q:  My husband and I bought our house together two years ago and have just got married. I’ve contacted my bank, HMRC and so on to let them know my married name but a friend said I also need to change the name on the house deeds. Is this necessary and do I need to do it through a solicitor?

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Q&A - What can we do about constant dog barking next door?

Q: We own our house, but are having real problems with tenants next door who have several dogs and a new puppy.  The dogs have barked constantly for the last two months and despite numerous requests their owners have done nothing. We have complained several times to the landlord who has agreed with our concerns and issued warnings but to no avail.   We have complained to the council who have told us they are sending out a warning letter, but I wondered if there was anything more we could do, from a legal point of view, to put further pressure on them?

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Llangollen linguist offered trainee solicitor contract by leading law firm

A Llangollen man who returned to his roots after studying Law and Spanish at the Universities of Swansea and Salamanca in Northwest Spain has begun a two year training contract with one of the region’s largest law firms.

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