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Q&A Can refusal to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for employee lead to a Tribunal?

One of my staff has been on long term sick leave following a life-changing ordeal. Now she feels ready to resume her job but cannot face coming into the office. She wants me to make “reasonable adjustments” that will enable her to try working from home.

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Q&A Can employees request flexible working to pursue social interests?

I run a small manufacturing business with 8 employees. Demand for my products has remained steady these past three years, but with costs rising for raw materials and energy I will need to run a tight ship to survive, and that means everyone working the same hours to keep machine running times to a minimum. However, two workers have recently asked to change their hours to fit in with their social activities. Do I even have to consider this?

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Q&A As foreign nationals who married overseas, can we divorce in UK?

We got married in Latvia and now live in UK. Since the last two years we have not been getting along and want to divorce. Can we get divorced in UK? If we can, what do we need to do? What papers do we need to have? We have stopped already living together.

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Q&A Buying chalet at auction - is there any comeback on seller or auction house?

I bought a holiday chalet at auction, complete with 30-odd bookings on Airbnb. The deposits had been paid to the seller, supposedly reflected in the guide price. However, when the first guests arrived other owners complained to the management company. Only then did I discover there were restrictive covenants barring children and pets.

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Q&A Can we just get rid of furniture left behind by previous homeowner?

My wife and I bought a house in March, from a chap who had just used the property as a joiner’s shop. When we got the keys, we found the garage and three sheds were full of oak furniture and tools. We have no forwarding address for him, just a mobile number that he doesn’t answer. All this stuff is in our way, can we just get rid of it?

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Q&A Can I still make asbestos injury claim for exposure dating back to the 1960s?

My husband worked as an electrician between 1969 and 1999. He was employed by various companies in large scale refurbishment projects. He has recently been diagnosed with asbestos related cancer, from inhalation of asbestos during his employment. I am caring for him at home, but his health is declining.

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Q&A Can I be sacked for reporting colleagues who abuse homeworking freedom?

I am a civil servant. Like everyone in our department I still work from home post covid lockdown. I am however aware of employees who are taking two and three-hour lunch breaks, even whole days out. They meet friends for long lunches, or shopping trips, and they just log into their computers every hour to make the managers think they’re working. It makes me so angry, not just because they’re getting away with it whilst people like me are working even harder than we did in the office, but because their salaries are paid with public money. My dilemma is whether by bringing it to the attention of the departmental head and attracting adverse publicity I could be jeopardizing my own job. What should I do?

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Q&A Can Joint Tenants leave their half of a house to someone else in their Wills?

Please can you settle an argument about passing on property? My (second) wife and I own our house as Joint Tenants, but we each want to leave our half of the house to our respective sons rather than to each other. However, my pal down at the pub says this is not possible without us severing our joint tenancy. Please can you confirm whether this is correct, and if so how we sever the tenancy, and what we have to do instead?

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Q&A Should I see solicitor about botched eye op before making complaint through PALS?

Two weeks ago, I attended hospital for a routine cataract removal operation. It was mid-afternoon and the surgeon was clearly rushing to complete his patient list. During the operation I was told that there was some sort of rupture.

I was left with liquid swimming around in my eye and my eye is still painful, and my vision is blurred. I have been told I will need further surgery and I am worried about my sight. I have been advised to make a complaint through PALS, but should I see a solicitor as well?

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