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Q&A - Will I have ‘home rights’ if I move into boyfriend’s house to avoid further COVID separation

Q:    My boyfriend has his own house, and I am considering moving in with him as it has been dreadful having to be apart during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. I am prepared to make contributions but am concerned that the property is just in his name. Is there still such a thing as common law marriage, and would I have any rights in relation to the house because of this?

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Leading law firm appoints new Head of Corporate Law

Following a consistent upsurge in new instructions over the past few months, leading independent law firm, GHP Legal, has announced the appointment of Ron Carter as new Head of Corporate Law, together with an expansion of its Corporate and Commercial department.

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Q&A - Can I make a military injury claim against the MoD?

Q:    I left the military at the end of 2019 after serving for six years. In the summer before I came out, I was involved in an accident when the vehicle I was driving came off the road. It was later proven that the vehicle had not undergone service checks when they were due, and the accident could be attributed to a fault that would have been rectified if the check had been carried out. I did not sustain any serious injuries at the time but during the latter part of this year I began to suffer severe pain that has now been diagnosed as resulting from whiplash. Can I make a claim against the MoD?

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Q&A - As if COVID is not bad enough a new construction site is upsetting my livestock can I claim compensation?

Q:    A new access road has been built to service a housing development being constructed adjacent to livery stables I have owned and run for 37 years. Heavy machinery and site traffic are going in and out all day and the noise is causing distress to the horses. COVID is already affecting my business and now I’m concerned that I could also lose clients who feel the standard of care I offer is compromised.

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Q&A - My Attorney has died of Coronavirus. Will I have to make a new LPA?

Q:     I have a property and financial affairs Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), appointing my neighbour as my attorney. I set it up several years ago when the LPA took over from the old Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). Sadly, my neighbour recently contracted COVID-19 and died. It has now occurred to me that her passing has probably rendered my LPA useless. Will I have to prepare a new LPA?

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