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Q&A - What is the difference between a Corporate and Personal reference?

Q:  I have been asked to supply a reference for a former employee. Can you tell me, what is the difference between a corporate reference and a personal reference?

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Q&A - Mother cannot manage her affairs or sign cheques for bills

Q:  My elderly mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and has recently been admitted into a local Care Home. Her condition has progressed to the stage where she can no longer sign cheques so I went to the bank to see what I should do. They said they required a Power of Attorney before they would give me any information.  I am worried because my mother owns a house and I cannot pay any bills in relation to this without access to her account. Should I ask a solicitor to prepare a Power of Attorney for my mother?.

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Q&A - Uncle won't vacate house so that we can finalise grandfather's estate

Q:  My husband and I are named as executors in my late grandfather's will. Apart from a few specific legacies the only remaining asset of his estate was his mortgage free house. The residuary estate was left equally to his 3 surviving children (my two uncles and an aunt). One of my uncles was living with my grandfather. Now he refuses to leave, saying he is unemployed and has nowhere to go. He is also being obstructive, refusing us access to carry out repairs or market the property for sale so that we can finalise the estate. He has not sought to challenge any of the provisions under my grandfathers will and whilst we believed everything would be amicable and he would move out when necessary, this does not now look to be the case. What can we do?

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