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Q&A - Can casual gardener sue me for accident sustained using my tools?

Q:  At the beginning of the summer I engaged a local odd job man to cut my hedges. I thought it would make it easier for him if he used my electric hedge-cutters and also my ladders. Unfortunately, however, the ground was uneven and the hedge-cutter was heavier than he was used to. As a result, when he reached across he lost his balance, the ladder toppled over and the hedge-cutter sliced into two of his fingers. I took him straight to hospital where they stitched the fingers. Now he is threatening to sue me for compensation because he has no feeling in the fingers and says he cannot work. Can he really do this?

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Q&A - If I buy a franchise what happens to it if I die or become incapacitated?

Q: I am in my mid-fifties and have been made redundant. I worked for the company for thirty years and got a good redundancy package so I am thinking of buying a franchise with my wife. Would I be able to pass the business on to my son in my Will and appoint him to run it if I become incapacitated - because my wife wouldn't be able to run a business on her own.

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Q&A - Can I set up a new company with a similar name after liquidation?

Q:  I am a director of a company that is struggling financially. A creditors' meeting is due to take place next week to liquidate it. Could I set up a new company afterwards with a similar name?

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Q&A - Can I get an Agricultural Occupancy Condition removed from farm cottage?

Q:  I am a farmer. A few years ago I diversified, which meant I needed less workers and a cottage on the farm was left vacant. When my son, who chose a different career, got married twelve years ago, he and his wife moved into the cottage. Now they are moving to a different part of the country and I would like to sell the cottage to fund my retirement. Is there a way I can get the Agricultural Condition removed to increase its value?Occupancy

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