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Q&A - Should employer offer me alternative work as an option to redundancy?

Q. My employer is closing its chicken feed factory and fifteen of us have just been told we are losing our jobs. Most of the staff on the production side are Eastern Europeans and I think the company is doing this in case there are any issues after Brexit. I work in the office doing an admin role but am one of those being made redundant. I think this is unfair because my employer has another factory, 25 miles down the road, which makes ferret food.

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Q&A - Do I need a solicitor if I am invited for police interview on a voluntary basis?

Q: Last month I was involved in an accident along the main road near where I live when I was driving to work. Today I got a phone call from the Police. They said they were contacting me because they wanted me to make an appointment to go to the police station for interview. They said I was being asked to go in for interview on a voluntary basis. Do I need a solicitor?

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Q&A - What is the best way to engage a freelancer to help grow my business?

Q: I run a successful small business but cannot yet commit to taking on any permanent staff. Instead I am looking at taking on a freelancer that I won’t have to pay if they don’t come up with the orders I need to grow the business. Can you provide some guidelines regarding terms of engagement?

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Q&A - Can we stop sons manipulative widow from using his sperm?

From what you say it suggests your son’s intention was to use his frozen sperm to have a child with a partner if he felt so inclined and was left infertile after cancer treatment.

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