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Q&A - Can I force brother to use our joint powers of attorney to sell mums house to pay care home fees?

Q: My brother and I are joint Attorneys for handling our mother’s affairs. She has Alzheimer’s and has lost capacity. Her GP says she needs to be in care despite me visiting every day after work. My brother, who lives just 60 miles away, only visits twice a year. I have found a lovely care home just a few miles from my house but her income would require £9,000 top-up to pay the fees. This could be managed by selling her house but my brother won’t agree to it. Is there anything I can do to take the decision out of his hands?

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Q&A - Why would we need to make a Will?

Q: My sister wants my husband and I to make Wills, but why would we need to if we own everything together and we are both still alive? Surely if one of us dies everything will automatically go to the other?

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Q&A - Can I change my sons surname to mine when I remarry?

Q: I divorced my son’s father soon after his birth two years ago. I am now in a new relationship and am engaged to get married. When I marry I want my son to have the same surname as me but his father will not agree to this. Can I just go ahead regardless?

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GHP Legal Oswestry Show Quiz Answers 2017

Answers to our GHP Legal Oswestry Show 2017 Quizzes. 

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Q&A - Can I claim through CICA for injuries sustained in mugging?

Q: I was on my way home from work in May when I was jumped by two men who beat me up and stole my money, leaving me with a scar across the top of my face and a couple of broken ribs. I reported the incident to the police but they never found the men so I can’t sue them for my injuries. I would like to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority but I’m worried what might happen because I have a previous unspent conviction for common assault, which I received a fine for. Can I still make a claim?

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