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Q&A - Can company that is taking over make us redundant?

Q:  The company I work for is about to be taken over by a bigger company that is planning to move part of its operation onto our site. If they bring their own workers with them there will be too many people for the jobs and my colleagues and I are concerned that we will be the ones to be made redundant. We don't belong to a Union. What should we do?

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Q&A - Is it too late to claim compensation for injuries received in crash two months ago?

Q:  I was a passenger in a friend's car which was involved in an accident two months ago. Although I suffered what paramedics described as minor injuries I didn't pursue a claim for damages at the time because I believed there was no permanent damage and it seemed disloyal to my friend. However, I have since developed quite severe neck pain which my GP thinks is accident related and has recommended physiotherapy. As the NHS waiting list is eight weeks or more and you are only allowed so many appointments in my area, I have decided to go privately, which I can ill-afford. Is it too late to pursue a claim?

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