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Q&A - How can I protect my childrens inheritance but ensure my husband is not left homeless?

Q: Both myself and my husband are in our 50s. I have two children from my first marriage but my husband has none. Our house is in my name alone and we have made Wills leaving everything to each other when the first of us dies, then to my children when the second passes away.

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Q&A - Can I ensure my Will is not challenged if I leave everything to my new wife?

Q: I am a widower and have met a wonderful lady I would like to marry. I am however worried what may happen if I die before her. Her former husband was a scoundrel and left her with almost nothing, so as my children are grown-up and successful I feel it would be more important to look after her in my Will. I don’t think my children would contest it if I made her the main beneficiary but is there any way of ensuring her protection just in case?

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Q&A - Can I replace my mother as Trustee of a Will Trust

Q: My mother is a Trustee of her uncle’s Will Trust, in which he left his estate in trust for the benefit of his grandchildren.  My mother has not however been well recently and has lost a lot of confidence. As a result she no longer feels she is up to the shouldering the duties and responsibilities of being a Trustee and has asked me if I can take her place.  Is it possible for me to replace her as a Trustee and, if so, what do I need to do?

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Q&A - Can I leave my half of the marital home to our children?

Q: My husband and I own our property jointly. However, I am concerned that if I die before him the ownership of our property would pass solely to him and if he remarried his new wife could inherit our property and our children could be left with nothing.  Is there any way I can arrange matters so that my children inherit my half of the house?

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