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Q&A - Can I make alterations to commercial premises I am looking to rent?

Q: I am looking to open a high street hairdressing salon and have been offered a lease.  The shop front is perfect but I need to renovate the inside and possibly knock walls down.  As the inside is dark, I would also like to put in a skylight? Could I make these alterations to a rented property?

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Q&A - If I go to prison will my children be able to visit me?

Q:  I am due in court next month and the way things are looking I am worried that I may end up going to prison. As I’ve never been in a prison before I don’t know what to expect. I’m especially worried about the effects it will have on my children. Will they be able to visit me in prison? And if they can visit me will they have to go through things like being searched? What will happen if they get upset or bored, will it mean my partner will have to cut short the visit?

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