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Q&A - House vendor discriminated against me due to my Tourette syndrome. Can I sue?

Q: I made an offer on a house being sold through an estate agent. The agent showed us round whilst the owners were on holiday. My offer was accepted and I found a buyer for my own house. Everything was moving along nicely and a few weeks before completion was due I made arrangements directly with the vendors to visit and measure up for window blinds.

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Q&A - Boss is trying to wriggle out of giving me sick pay what should I do?

Q: I have worked where I am now for eight years. When the old boss retired his sons took over running the business and it’s all about every penny going in their pockets. They don’t care about us workers. I broke my collarbone playing football in September and I’ve been off work ever since because my job is manual and I can’t do it. I thought I’d get sick pay but the boss says I’m not entitled because I’m no longer on the rota and I only have a casual contract that doesn’t state enough hours. Yet I’ve always worked more hours than it says in my contract. What can I do?

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Lawyer takes cycling to the office to heart

A partner of one of the area’s largest independent law firms will cycle between all four of his firm’s offices later this month in aid of charity.

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Q&A - How do I challenge Doctors decision to detain me under the Mental Health Act?

Q:  I have recently been detained in hospital under section 3 of the Mental Health Act but I do not agree with my detention and I want to challenge the Doctor’s decision to detain me. What are my options?

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A Minister for suicide prevention is not enough to address growing mental health problems in this country says leading mental health lawyer

A Wrexham lawyer claims the Government needs to do a great deal more than just appoint a minister for suicide prevention and provide funding for extra support teams, as was announced yesterday.

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Q&A - Can ex-wife make our kids take her new name without my consent?

Q: My two children live with my ex-wife. I work and live over two hundred miles away but am constantly in touch with the children via social media and telephone and I pay regular maintenance for them. In the school holidays I take time off and they come and stay with me.

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Law firms join forces to expand legal services

An acquisition this October will bring together two long established law firms covering a multi-county client base.

GHP Legal, a Top Tier Legal 500 firm and one of the largest private practices serving Oswestry, Shropshire and North and Mid Wales, has acquired the Oswestry practice of Milton Francis & Hughes.

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Q&A - Can I claim against former lovers estate on behalf of our young son?

Q: Nine years ago I had a child with my former lover who was and still is married. When our relationship ended I respected his wishes to keep it and our son a secret, to prevent his family suffering any indignity as a result of his behaviour. In return he paid a generous sum into my bank account each month which also covered school fees. Two months ago the money stopped and I have just discovered that my former lover died of a sudden heart attack. It is unlikely that he would have made any provision for us in his Will. Is there any way I can make a claim on his estate on behalf of our son?

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