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Q&A - Time to review partnership deeds and policies

Q. I am a partner in an accountancy practice where one partner has been underperforming. The situation has gone unaddressed because others thought it easier to just retire him in two years when he reaches 65. My concern is whether the same age discrimination rules apply to partners as they do to employees in respect of retirement age?

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Solicitor warns about new online Powers of Attorney

Emma Jacobs, a solicitor with leading North Wales and Shropshire law firm GHP Legal, said it is vital that people understand the implications of ‘giving away' the responsibility for making critical decisions regarding their own medical and financial welfare and that to be absolutely sure of what they are doing they should consult a legal professional before beginning the process online.

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Q&A - Letting Agent went bust and tenant's rent and deposit have disappeared

Q: I own an investment property, and for many years I've had a letting company managing the tenancy for me as agents.  The tenant has been living at the property since 2010 and all rent and deposit money has been paid through the agent. I haven't received any rent for the last 3 months and when I checked, I discovered that the agent had gone into liquidation. I've spoken with the tenant directly and he has given me proof of payment of the rent up to date. He also commented that he hadn't received confirmation from the agent that his deposit had been secured. I don't know what the company did with the deposit money. Who is responsible for repaying the deposit to the tenant when he leaves?

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