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Q&A - If we split up will the house and finances be split equally?

Q:  I live with my partner. We are not married but we have a joint bank account and a joint mortgage, and we purchased our house as joint tenants. We also have equal savings offsetting our mortgage in the account. The big difference is that my partner earns almost twice as much as me and when we purchased the property, he put up most of the deposit. So, if we split up would the property be split equally, irrespective of who put up the most deposit? And would I be entitled to withdraw my half of the savings? Finally, would the fact that he pays a bigger proportion of the bills give him more entitlement?

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Pandemic causes surge in requests for Wills and LPAs

A local law firm has reported a massive increase in the number of people wanting Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) drawn up to protect their wishes, their assets and their families in the event that they are faced with a worse-case scenario during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Q&A - If my ex is deliberately withholding money left to our daughter in his father’s Will, what can I do?

Q: My ex-husband’s father said he would leave money to my nineteen-year-old daughter when he died. A year after his death, nothing has appeared. My daughter’s father and uncle were the executors of the Will and her uncle continues to live in her grandfather’s house. I have approached my ex-husband, but he refuses to discuss it with me. Can I get a copy of the Will? And if it shows the old man’s wishes were not carried out, what can I do to ensure my daughter gets what is due to her?

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Q&A - Should my bowel cancer have been diagnosed earlier?

Q: During the last 3 years I have suffered with bowel changes, bloating and abdominal pains. I have also found blood in my stools. My GP told me that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and haemorrhoids and I was prescribed peppermint oil capsules and advised to add more fibre to my diet.

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Q&A - Can you impose conditions in a Will to prevent a son-in-law benefiting?

Q:  We have lived the past ten years in dread of our daughter marrying her lazy partner, but at Christmas she announced they will marry in the Summer of 2020. As our only child she is the sole beneficiary of our Wills. Now we are terrified that our future son-in-law could end up with half her inheritance if they later divorce - if he hasn’t already squandered it away - and that our two grandchildren will not benefit later on. Is there any way we can put conditions in our Wills to protect our assets solely for the benefit of our daughter and grandchildren?

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Leading law firm announces qualification of bilingual trainee solicitor

North Wales and Shropshire law firm, GHP Legal, has announced the qualification of another trainee solicitor. GHP Legal, which employs around one hundred staff at its offices in Wrexham, Oswestry, Llangollen and Chirk, is a long-time supporter of the solicitor training programme.

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