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Q&A How do I get Marital Home Rights Notice removed in nightmare DIY divorce?

We were getting an amicable divorce; no kids, no solicitors, all simple. I own the house, she moved in after we married, she was going to move out when we decided to divorce. But now she is sitting tight because she cannot find anywhere ‘nice’ to rent, and things are getting nasty. She says she applied for something called a Matrimonial Home Rights Notice and I cannot kick her out. What is this and how do I get it removed from MY house?

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Q&A Can my funeral costs be paid for out of my estate before Probate is granted?

I have recently been widowed after a thirty-year marriage. My late husband did not leave a Will, but as we held all our accounts jointly his estate passed to me. My husband and I had very specific wishes about our funerals, and I want mine to replicate his as much as possible. When my husband died, I was able to oversee his arrangements and pay for the funeral. However, I am concerned about my own funeral, and how it will be paid for, as no one will have access to my funds.  

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Q&A How can I stop husband ‘asset-stripping’ prior to a divorce settlement?

My husband and I have discussed divorcing for two years. Every time I think we have an amicable agreement he wants to ‘patch things up’. His ‘patching up’ efforts consist of buying me expensive presents and going on business trips to avoid further arguments. I think he is just stringing things out to give him time to reduce his assets and my pay-out.

We married 32 years ago and have three adult children. I have never worked. My role has been supporting my husband in his high-flying business world and bringing up the children. What steps can I take to prevent him asset-stripping?

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Q&A Do I have to provide customer with a proper invoice?

 I am a freelance landscaper. As I am dyslexic, I try and do as little paperwork as possible, so I usually give a verbal quote and if the customer is happy with it, I order the materials, carry out the job and at the end I give them my bank details and they pay me.

However, I’ve got one awkward customer who wants an invoice.....Do I have to give him an invoice?

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Q&A Can I leave my entire estate to charity rather than to my family?

I am a widower with a son and daughter, both high-end earners, who only visit me once a year out of a sense of duty. I volunteer with a local charity and, frankly, the people there are more like family to me. Recently I have come to realise that the charity both needs and deserves my money more than my kids do when I am gone. Can I leave my entire estate to charity?

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Q&A Brother took my inheritance from dad’s bank account. What can I do?

My brother and I were appointed as joint executors and beneficiaries of our father’s Will. As I am away in the armed forces, I agreed to my brother assuming responsibility for selling dad’s house, paying his care home fees etc. ....

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Q&A Can we sue builder for putting right his shoddy work and getting job completed?

We engaged a builder last Spring to build an extension onto our house. His attendance was sporadic, his workmanship was shoddy, and we feared the roof would not go on before winter. When we complained, he walked off the job and came back to collect his equipment when we were out..... Could we go to court and claim against the original builder for this?

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Q&A How can I ensure my children’s father returns them to me after a visit?

I really want my children to have a relationship with their father, but I am worried that if I agree to him having contact with them, he will not return them home to me. Is there anything that I can do to stop this from happening?

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Q&A - Can I be made redundant when pregnant?

Q:        I am having a difficult pregnancy due to being diabetic and have had to take a lot of time off work sick, outside my basic maternity leave entitlement. I was furloughed under the government scheme until the end of September and had only been back at work a few weeks when I fell pregnant. The pregnancy was not planned. Now my boss has emailed to tell me he is going to have to let me go as the business needs to make cut-backs. However, three male colleagues who do the same work as me, but have not been there as long as me, are keeping their jobs. Do I have a case for discrimination?

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Q&A - My husband says I will get nothing if we divorce. Can he do this?

Q:        My husband and I have agreed to get a divorce after 25 years of marriage, however he keeps threatening me by saying that he will make sure that I am left with nothing. I only work part time, whereas my husband works full time in a much better paid job. How can I protect myself?

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