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Q&A - Is there a limit as to how long my employer can lay me off?

Q:  My employer has just laid me off without any warning.  I have checked in my employment contract and much to my surprise discover the Company is within their rights to do this.  What I can't find in the contract, however, is any reference to how long can they lay me off for? 

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Business owners cannot afford to die intestate

Dying intestate has serious implications. But if you are a business owner the implications can be far greater.

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Q&A - Should employer have done risk assessment when informed of pregnancy?

Q:  I notified my employer eight weeks ago that I am currently pregnant with my second child. Last week I tripped over some loose carpet in the office, winding myself badly and breaking my arm. At the hospital they were worried about the baby and insisted I had a scan. It was very frightening. My husband was furious and said my employers should have carried out a workplace risk assessment when I told them I was pregnant. Is this correct?

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