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Q&A - Can I legally make my ex help out more with childcare in the school holidays?

Q: The Easter holiday was a nightmare for me. My ex would not help with childcare and so I had to spend a fortune on holiday club fees. Unless something changes I may have to quit my job to look after the children through the summer holidays. Is there anything I can do legally to make him help out?

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Q&A - Rock star refuses to pay full amount he owes me for guitar. Will it be cheaper to settle for less than sue him?

Q.  I run a business selling vintage guitars and have been chasing a £50,000 debt from a well-known rock star. He signed the Sales Agreements and everything was above board so there is no reason why he shouldn’t be paying me. He has offered to pay me £30,000 but I want the full amount. I am reluctant to take this to Court because of the legal costs I might incur from instructing solicitors. Should I just take the £30,000 and write off the rest of the debt?

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Q&A - Can I stop my drugs-convicted ex from seeing our son?

Q. My ex-partner has been convicted for possession of cocaine. As much as I thought he deserved to be sent to prison, he was only given a fine. With him on the loose I am really worried about our 6 year old son as my ex is a bad influence on him. Is there any way I can stop him having contact with my son now that he has been charged with a criminal offence?

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Q&A - Will leaving estate in Trust for daughter prevent her future husband from entitlement to it?

Q: Currently my daughter and her fiancé live together in a home they bought on joint mortgage. I believe they plan to get married later this year but I am not convinced they will or even if they do that they will stay together in the long term. She is my only child.  If I leave everything in Trust for her when I die, will it prevent her fiancé from having any entitlement to it? Also, are there long term costs associated with setting up a Trust?

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Gwyn catches charity walking bug!

A week after thirteen of his female work colleagues ‘walked for life’ to raise money for Cancer Research UK, an Oswestry legal executive will be setting off this weekend in support of the same cause.

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Q&A - My ex has gone back on agreement for me to take our children abroad on holiday. What can I do?

Q.  I had agreed with my ex that I could take the children abroad on holiday this summer. She is now refusing to give me their passports and is saying she is taking them abroad with her new partner. Can she do this?

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