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Q&A What happens to a Trust fund when a Trustee dies?

Years ago, I and one other person agreed to be Trustees for a Trust that was set up by a friend in his Will, to provide for his daughter who had learning difficulties ..... I am now unwell myself and I don’t know what to do about the Trust.

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Q&A What is Probate and do we need a solicitor to get it?

Our dad has died. It’s the first death we have dealt with......What exactly is probate? Do we need a solicitor or can we do it ourselves?

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Q&A Can developer throw us off strip of no-man’s land we have used for 42 years?

We bought our house 42 years ago. Until a year ago there were open fields behind us..... Now the developers have sent us a letter telling us to move our boundary fence back to what it was originally. Can they do this when we have used the land for 42 years?

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Q&A Will bringing a Medical Negligence claim be seen as kicking the NHS when it is down? No!

We all know that NHS Trusts right across the UK have been under immense pressure since the Covid pandemic, and as a result there have been mistakes made with patient care.

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Q&A How can I stop kids from witnessing their dad’s abusive new relationship?

I believe that my ex-partner is in an abusive relationship with his new partner. ...... I am worried that our children are witnessing arguments and may possibly witness even worse in the future? What can I do?

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Q&A How long does it take for a Clean Break Order to come through?

I have just submitted an online divorce and from what I have read I think I can apply for a Conditional Order after 26 weeks. However, I am not sure what happens after that. Please can you tell me how long it will take for the Clean Break Order to come through?

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