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Q&A - House has no building regulations approval - should I proceed with purchase?

Q:  I put in an offer on a repossessed house. It was accepted by the mortgaging bank and searches were started which turned up a query relating to building work done on the property several years ago, for which building regulations approval was never granted. The estate agent says it all looks OK but I am not sure whether to proceed with the sale. Can you advise?

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Q&A - Is my estranged sister entitled to half of our intestate mother's estate?

Q: I cared for my parents for many years and when my father died I moved in with my mother to look after her in the family home. I have a sister but she offered no help when I was looking after either parent and in fact rarely ever made contact with me or them. Now my mother has passed away and there is no trace of a Will, either in the house or with any local Solicitors. Is my estranged Sister entitled to an equal share of my mother's estate?

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