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Q&A - Is employee entitled to time off work to pursue Magistrate duties?

Q: I own a small bakery and employ a member of staff who wants to become a Magistrate. I am very worried that she will constantly want time off work and I am unsure what I am allowed to do and whether I can refuse to allow her time off. 

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Q&A - Can witnessing a traumatic accident have caused PTSD and warrant a compensation claim?

Q: I was walking across a busy road with a friend two years ago when a lorry mounted the pavement. Miraculously I was unhurt but my friend was trapped beneath the lorry and suffered horrendous injuries. I comforted him whilst we waited for the emergency services to come but he died before they got there.

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Q&A - What is a Grant of Probate and how do I obtain it?

Q: My mother has recently passed away and she appointed me to be her executor in her Will. I have started dealing with her assets but have been told I need a Grant of Probate. What is that and how do I obtain it?

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Wrexham lawyer celebrates 40 years career with same firm

A Wrexham lawyer this week celebrated 40 years with the same law firm where he served his articles after gaining a post graduate Law Degree in 1976.

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Q&A - Can my ex stop me taking our children abroad this summer?

Q:  I had agreed with my ex that I could take the children abroad on holiday this summer. She is now refusing to give me their passports and is saying she is taking them abroad with her new partner. Can she do this?

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