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Q&A My child was trespassing and got injured. What legal action can I take?

We live near a disused quarry that is being used as a dumping ground and is also being used by local children as a playground...

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New Team Member Announcement, Clare Lewis

New team member announced for leading law firm’s busy residential property department. Meet Clare Lewis.

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Q&A Local Authority won’t return children following my hospital stay. What should I do?

I have been very poorly and as I am a single parent with no family living locally, I agreed for my children to go into temporary care whilst I spent an extended period of time in hospital.....

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Q&A Can employer make radical changes to job descriptions at a week’s notice?

My daughter works as a Teaching Assistant supporting young adults with learning disabilities in a mainstream college where all TAs are currently at the same pay level. With just eight days’ notice, they were told their job titles and roles were changing and they must apply for one of the new positions....

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Q&A If aunt’s hip replacement was bodged, can she claim for clinical negligence?

My aunt had a hip replacement late last year. The new hip is fine, but she is now experiencing mobility difficulties and great pain in her other hip and in her back....

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