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Q&A - Will my husbands adultery entitle me to more of our assets in a divorce?

Q.  I have recently discovered that my husband is having an affair. We have been married for 25 years and have two grown up children. We both work full time and we own our home, which is free of borrowing. We have no other assets. He wants the house to be sold so that he can start again with his new partner. Given that his affair caused the breakdown of our marriage, do I have to agree this? Am I not entitled to more from the assets because of his behaviour?

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Q&A - Access rights mean my son is missing out on sport. What can I do?

Q:  My son has lived with me since I divorced his father when he was four years old. He is now fourteen. From the beginning the arrangement was that he would stay with his father every other weekend. However, since that arrangement was made his father has moved forty miles away and my son has developed a love for sport. This is causing arguments as my son wants to play in the school teams at weekends and do various other activities with his friends that his father refuses to take him to. His father says he has a right to stick to the access rights agreed in court but I feel my son is missing out on what he enjoys and is good at and wants to do. What should I do?

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Q&A - How can I get my husband to accept the marriage is over and move out?

Q.  I told my husband our marriage was over around a year ago but he is still sleeping in our bed. It isn’t too bad when he is working nights but when he is on days I am forced to sleep on the sofa. What can I do to get him out? He says he owns the house as much as me so he won’t leave.

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Q&A - What is meant by a nearest relative in respect of a psychiatric patient?

Q: I was telephoned by a social worker to say my uncle is detained in a psychiatric hospital. I explained that I have had no contact with him for many years, though I was aware he suffers bouts of depression. I suggested I was not the best person to inform but she said this was standard procedure as I am his ‘Nearest Relative’.  What is the implication of this?.

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Q&A - Can Employment Agency withhold wages because manager did not sign my timesheet?

Q: I have been temping through an agency since finishing Uni last summer. In the run-up to Christmas the firm I was working at was super busy and I put in a lot of extra hours in the last week. When I asked the manager to sign my timesheet, however, he refused. He said it shouldn’t and couldn’t have taken me as long as I made out it had to do the job and that I was late starting. As a result of this the agency withheld payment of my wages completely. Can they legally do this?

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Q&A - Should I sign a Compromise Agreement offered by my employer?

Q: I started my job in 2012. Last year the boss’s nephew joined the business, doing the same job as me. In fact I trained him up. Next thing was the business wasn’t doing so well. Then when I went back after the Christmas holidays I was called in and told they were going to have to let me go.

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