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Q&A - Bosses kicking heels over request for reduced hours due to disability

Q:  I am suffering from a long term illness. Although the illness itself does not affect my ability to do my job normally, due to the effects of the illness I am no longer able to carry on working a full day. After discussing the problem with my GP I asked my employers to reduce my hours to fit around the illness. They agreed to look into the matter and I know they have asked my GP for a report. They have also contacted an Occupational Therapist and I believe they have spoken to their solicitors, but nothing further seems to be happening. What should I do now?

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Q&A - Can I get compensation for lost earnings due to rugby match injury?

Q:  I play rugby for my local team. Recently I suffered a broken leg when I was tackled by a player in the other team and as a result I am off work. Can I get compensation for lost earnings?

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