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Q&A - Am I entitled to a portion of my husbands pension if we divorce?

Q: My husband and I have grown apart, but it suits him not to divorce. I haven’t worked since having the children, who are now grown up, so I don’t have a pension in my own right. If we did divorce, would I be entitled to a share of my husband’s pension? I believe he has a substantial private pension fund but I have always left financial matters to him..

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Q&A - Must we go through the divorce court to agree financial settlement?

Q: Is it possible to sort out the finances of a divorce without going through the courts to keep things on a more amicable footing for the sake of the children?

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Q&A - How can we get rid of a difficult Volunteer?

Q: We are a small local charity. One of our volunteers regularly lets us down after agreeing to come in, and when she does come in she only does the bits of the “job” she wants to do. Could there be repercussions if we ask her not to come in again? And should we have provided her with any kind of agreement?

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