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Leading law firm announces another Trainee success

Leading North Wales and Shropshire law firm has announced the admission of another Solicitor from its longstanding Training Programme.

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Q&A Who can play what role when setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney?

I am thinking of setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney but am confused about who I can have to play what role. E.g., can my son be an attorney and a beneficiary of my Will? And who can be a witness? Looking online I have found it quite baffling.

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Q&A Are aftercare services available following temporary detention under the Mental Health Act?

My son developed mental health problems and epilepsy after his father’s death. He then started taking recreational drugs because he heard they might help. They didn’t. He became irrational, stole money for drugs, and regularly forgot his epilepsy medication. I got him into residential rehab, and all went well until he wanted to return home. Since then, his mental health has deteriorated further. If he was formally detained under the Mental Health Act, would he have a right to aftercare services, as I feel this would make a big difference.

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Q&A Is online no-fault divorce as simple as you think!

The advent of the new no-fault divorce which came into force last year brought a flurry of online applications, not least because couples believed that by not having to ‘prove’ the reason for wanting a divorce, they could deal with the process themselves and save money without engaging the help of a solicitor.

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Q&A Can my husband force me to stay with him in home he owns?

My husband has bullied me throughout our fifty-year marriage. Ten years ago, he insisted we sell our house and buy a two-bed bungalow. Before I knew what was happening, he had bought a bungalow for cash - in his name only and denied me access to the residual money. Then he got throat and stomach cancer. Miraculously he survived surgery but now cannot speak, is incontinent, and has to be peg fed. I am his sole carer. He writes me abusive messages, hits out at me and has turned our only child against me.

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Q&A Can a seller demand I re-buy before replacing faulty goods?

My boyfriend bought me an expensive massage gun for Christmas from a well-known e-commerce platform. Shortly after Christmas it stopped working. My boyfriend phoned the online retailer and was told they could not just replace it. They wanted him to purchase another one, then send back the faulty one and then they said they would make the refund on receipt. They also said he would have to pay p&p for the replacement and purchase it at a higher price because the first one had been discounted in a sale. Surely this cannot be legal?

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