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Q&A - Sister may be using power of attorney to take mums money for herself

Q:  My mother is suffering from dementia. Fortunately she had registered a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) appointing my sister as an attorney, which meant my sister was able to step in and help mum with her finances when she became unable to manage them herself. However, I am now worried that my sister might be taking some of mum’s money to spend on herself. I don’t have any proof but am suspicious as the last few times I’ve tried to call her she has not answered or replied to messages I’ve left for her to call me back. What can I do?

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Q&A - Suspended employee has entered work premises. Can I withhold his pay?

Q. I own a number of dog grooming salons across several towns and have had to suspend a long standing employee as a passer-by reported that they saw him jumping up and down and shouting at a dog he was supposed to be grooming. I asked my employee to stay away from the premises while I investigate but he has called back in at least once, apparently to collect a pair of scissors that he says belong to him. What should I do now? Am I allowed to withhold his pay if he does it again?

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Q&A - Is 25 too young to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney and make a Will?

 Q: Our son is a firefighter and we worry something could happen that would change his life, leaving him dependant on others after we’re gone. We’ve tried to persuade him to make a Will and we also wondered about him setting up a power of attorney, just in case. His view is that at 25, and not even owning a house, we are being ridiculous. Are we?

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Q&A - We disagree about our sons gender recognition at school what can I do?

Q.  My 8 year old son has announced he wants to be recognised as a girl at school and my wife thinks we should allow this. I disagree. I think it is just a phase and is something he will grow out of. What can I do?

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Q&A - Is there a threshold for Probate?

Q: My brother and I are executors of our father’s Will. Dad is currently in a care home and sadly we are probably going to lose him before the summer. The costs for the home have eaten into his assets and there is very little money left. We are wondering therefore whether we will need to apply for probate when he dies. Is there a threshold for Probate?

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New full time solicitor announced for busy Wrexham legal team

The busy private client team at the head office of one of the region’s top law firms has welcomed the addition of another full time solicitor.

Welsh-speaking Lowri had previously shared her time between the Wrexham and Oswestry offices after joining the firm in August 2018.

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Q&A - Am I entitled to anything if the marital home is in my estranged wifes name?

Q. I recently moved out of the marital home. Although the home is in my wife’s name as she bought it following her first divorce, I have made considerable contributions by paying for bills, home improvements etc. Will I be entitled to anything from the home following our separation?

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