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Q&A - Can I get compensation for injury caused by tripping on cracked paving?

Q: Shortly before Christmas I went to a local pub for a meal with some friends. During the evening I popped outside to make a phone call. As I was returning after making the call I tripped on the raised lip of a cracked paving slab. I put my hands out to stop the fall but unfortunately in the process I broke my right wrist. As I drive for a living it has meant I have not been able to work. Is there any action can I take to get some compensation?

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Q&A - What is the difference between an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Q: My solicitor advised me some years ago to set up an Enduring Power of Attorney so that I could act for my parents and handle their financial affairs. I recently mentioned this to a neighbour who has elderly parents, but when she sought legal advice she was advised to take out a Lasting Power of Attorney. What is the difference?

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