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Q&A - I am being discriminated against by work colleagues because I am vegan

Q. I am really struggling at work because I am a vegan and I feel my belief in this way of life is being undermined by my work colleagues who are constantly making fun of me. They claim they are just making jokes to tease me and I should ‘lighten up’. They cannot see that their ‘joking’ is hurtful and in fact is now making me ill.

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Local Solicitor praises BBC Drama for sensitive portrayal of disabled care problems

A local Court of Protection Solicitor has praised the BBC Drama programme “Care”, which recently aired on BBC1. The programme highlighted the problems faced by two daughters trying to deal with having to care for their mother, a stroke victim left with physical and severe mental health difficulties.

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Q&A - Can I get an injunction to stop my estranged father threatening me?

Q:  I am 20 and I left home a year ago. When I occasionally bump into my dad he is nasty and threatening towards me. Can I get an injunction against him?

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Solicitors work for free to benefit Nightingale House

A member of staff from Nightingale House has visited her former workplace to collect a number of envelopes containing donations from the firm’s clients.

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Leading law firm announces admission of another trainee Solicitor

A trainee with one of the area’s largest independent law firms is the latest in a long line of successful aspirants at the firm to qualify as a Solicitor.

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Q&A - How do I get a Visiting Order to see my son in prison?

Q:  My son is in prison. I haven’t spoken to him since he was arrested two years ago because I was so angry with him. However, I am not in good health and I think I should try and make the peace with him while I still can. I have decided therefore that I would like to go and see him. I believe I have to get a Visiting Order to do that. Please can you tell me the procedure for getting one?

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