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Q&A How can my neighbour legally gift me a strip of his garden?

My neighbour has a small strip of land running behind my garden that he does not use, and he has offered to give it to me if I want it. ...I would like to ensure it is legally transferred to me so that it doesn’t cause any problems in the future. What will I need to do?

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Q&A Can airlines refuse to pay compensation for recent flight delays?

My wife and I were hit by the recent air traffic control glitch which, frankly, ruined our holiday. It left us traumatized and out of pocket, which I want compensation for....

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Q&A Can you claim compensation for loss of earnings as well as injury damages?

My son injured his hand due to faulty equipment at a theme park he visited with his kids......and the wound later became badly infected and turned to sepsis and he had to have two fingers amputated. Could he at least claim compensation for loss of earnings?

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Q&A Can I deduct court costs for eviction order from my tenants’ deposit?

I have just successfully gained an eviction order for tenants who have failed to leave a property I own... Are we entitled to take the costs out of their deposit?

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Q&A Can drunk employee I sacked sue me for cutting short his fixed term contract?

I recently sacked an employee on a fixed term contract for gross misconduct because he was found drunk and asleep on watch whilst my business premises were being burgled. Now he is threatening to sue me for unfair dismissal and breach of his fixed term contract....

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