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Q&A - Do I need to register my septic tank with the Environment Agency?

Q.  My neighbour is selling her house and her solicitor informed her that she needed to register her septic tank with the Environment Agency.  The tank was installed many years ago. I also have a septic tank installed at my property which has been there since the property was built in the 1970s. I have had no notification from the Environment Agency that I must register it.  Do I need to register my septic tank?   Do I need a permit?

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Q&A - Does Landlord have to renew lease on Commercial Property?

Q:  I have been renting commercial premises for three years and have spent a considerable amount of money upgrading them to attract more custom. Now my lease is coming to an end. I would like to renew it as the business is doing well, but I haven't heard from my landlord. I am worried that he might want me to vacate the premises. Am I entitled to stay?

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